FREE Home Buyer Resources

FREE Homebuying Resources You Need to Check Out!


Purchasing a home, whether your first or tenth, can be incredibly intimidating! There are so many confusing documents, deadlines, companies, and people, it can be hard to keep it all straight! Homeownership can be your biggest and smartest investment, if you educate yourself and do it right.

Here are over a dozen resources to help familiarize yourself with the process and steps along the way to purchasing your home.

Home Insurance Companies
Whether paying cash or with a mortgage, you will almost certainly need and want to get home insurance! Check out several different vendors/companies and shop around! The Information Insurance Institute website is also a good resource to answer your questions. Check out the our preferred vendor page to get a few suggestions.

Consumer Reports
A non-profit that researches and advocates on behalf of anyone who buys and sells goods, but did you know they also write about personal finance? Check out their in depth guides on home inspections, mortgage fees, and buying a home during crises like a pandemic!

US Dept of HUD
This federal agency offers a wealth of resources for home buyers on a range of topics from rental, housing discrimination, and fair lending!

Real Estate Today
Are podcasts more your thing? NAR offers this podcast of over 600 episodes with some of the top authorities on real estate in the WORLD.

This finance news website has one of the most thorough guide on everything and anything you might want to know about buying a home.

Bigger Pockets
More focused on real estate investment vs home ownership, but still great information to help you make great decisions even if you arent building a real estate conglomerate!

Lender Websites
Same as home owners insurance, shop around! It costs nothing to read up, check out different lender websites, and ask your Realtor, friends, and family for recomendations! Team Damis also has several on our vendor page for you to compare and contrast!