About Joe Rudolph

After a career in engineering management mostly for a large Philadelphia utility. I am now retired and able to pursue an interest I have had since I was little. I remember following my Dad around with a tiny toolbox as he fixed things in an apartment building he owned.

I moved from New York City to attend Drexel University’s engineering program. One year after graduation I bought my first property in University City for a price I could now put on my credit card.  Over the years I bought, flipped, lived in and managed several other properties in PA, NH and NYC. (They cost a lot more)

Along the way I became a Professional Engineer and attorney in PA. Both licenses were useful in my career. Now, I am excited to be on a top notch team and working with buyers and sellers as we navigate the real estate process here in Philadelphia.

Remember, it is (almost) always a good time to own real estate.  Ask me about the one time it wasn’t.